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Keeping Your Records Secure – Encrypting Your Medical Records

We use the most innovative technology out there, blockchain, to make sure your sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands. So how does this work?

First, you need to know about Public Keys and Private Keys!

  1. Public Key

    Your public key (and associated wallet address) is a long string of numbers and letters which acts as your ID. It is how your medical provider knows where to send your records too, kind of like an email address.

  2. Private Key

    This is like a password, but stronger! It is only with this private key that you can access the medical records sent to you (or more specifically sent to your public key). The private key is uniquely and irrevocably linked to your public key. It can’t be changed like a password and no one can guess it just by knowing your public key.

    Because a private key is 64-characters and numbers (and so pretty hard to remember!), we instead give you a 12-word recovery phrase, which is a simple representation of your private key. To learn more about your recovery phrase (and why it’s so important), see our article “Keeping Your Records Secure – Recovery Phrase“.

Encrypting Your Records

We create your unique public and private key when you create your Aria profile and connect with your first medical provider. Once connected, you can start receiving your medical records.

When your records are retrieved from your medical centre, they are copied and stored in our special blockchain database. On storing in the blockchain, your records are encrypted using your public key. What this means is that your records are converted into a set of random characters, so even if someone managed to get your records from our blockchain database, they wouldn’t be able to read them. They’d look something like this:

In order to decode these records and make them readable, you need access to the private key which is uniquely linked to that public key. This private key belongs exclusively to you. No-one, including us, stores it without your permission, hence only you can access your records making them completely private and secure!

But if this sounds complicated, don’t worry! Your private key is stored within the app so all the decoding happens automatically (no technical knowledge needed from your side!). All you need to know is your 7-digit Aria ID when you first connect with a medical provider, and your Recovery Phrase when you install the app on any device. Simple!

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